Since Mailo went to Italy the only thing he cares about is bringing Pasta to you.
His passion for pasta led him to Genova, to learn all the secrets about making fresh pasta, following Rome, to experience the traditional Italian gastronomy and culture.
After his adventures in Italy, he brought the Mailo’s fresh pasta machine with him, in order to introduce the new concept of street pasta in the center of Athens.

In Mailo’s, you can taste unforgettable recipes, by choosing from three different pasta types: Rigatoni, Casarecce and Campanelle, combining them with one of the ten Mailo’s signature sauces. All of our products are fresh made in front of you, in just five minutes with the most top-quality ingredients from Greece and Italy.

Made with Love & Pasta

Pesto Genovese
Fresh basil sauce with pecorino cheese, garlic oil and pine nuts
Tomato & Basil
Fresh tomato sauce infused with basil, cooked with olive oil
Mac & Cheese
Creamy aged cheddar and cream cheese sauce
Truffle Mushrooms
Creamy wild mushrooms and parmesan sauce infused with white truffle oil
Parmesan Chicken
Creamy parmesan chicken with fresh mushrooms and tarragon
Creamy parmesan sauce with crispy bacon
Slow cooked ground beef in a cheesy bechamel sauce
Creamy Aglio-Olio
Garlic, chili pepper, parmesan, parsley and fresh cream
Beef Ragu
Slow cooked veal melted in fresh tomato sauce with herbs
Chicken Broccoli
Cream cheese sauce, chicken with broccoli and sundried tomato pesto

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